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7 Ways to ‘Give Back’ at Your Wedding

Written by: Brittany Sneed

The trends of weddings are evolving the once “be all and end all” into more mindful and socially conscious events. Couples want a more human experience from their wedding; a celebration with their loved ones and a party that is unique to their relationship. Along with this family-style celebration, couples are choosing to be more aware of the impact their event has on a community and the environment. More couples are choosing to donate, volunteer, and give back.

November 15th, 2016 isNational Philanthropy Day, a nationwide celebration of giving, volunteering, and charitable involvement. There is something special about beginning your marriage with actions to give back and support the communities surrounding you. Here are a few ways to “give back” while you celebrate your new adventure!

1. Register for Donations

Organizations likeJustgive.OrgandIDoFoundation.orggive couples the ability to choose a charity, allowing guests to give a monetary donation rather than purchasing a gift for the couple.

2. Make donations in lieu of favors

Some couples are forgoing the traditional guest favors and choosing to donate to a local charity in the guest’s honor. A charitable donation shows thought and compassion for guests and those in need.

3. Donate funds from “Dollar Dances”

Traditional “Dollar Dances” are a fun way to raise a little money for the couple’s honeymoon, by having guests donate a dollar for a dance with the bride or groom. Instead, you could donate the money to a local food pantry or animal shelter.

4. Volunteer for your bridal shower or bachelor party

Why not get your bridal party together for a charitable activity? This is a fun way to spend time together and do something to help others. You could plant some trees, pick of trash, or volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home.

5. Buy wedding items locally and source local vendors

One of the easiest ways to give back is to purchase locally. Look to local shops and artisans for specific items and gifts for your wedding. Using local wedding vendors is better for the local community, and honestly, it saves you time and money.

6. Donate wedding arrangements and flowers to nursing homes or hospitals

A considerate way to re-use those expensive floral arrangements is to donate them to a local nursing home or hospital. These beautiful bouquets will bring joy to many people, for a few days after your wedding.

7. Work with vendors who give back

Some wedding vendors choose to donate portions of their services to local charities. Choosing a wedding vendor that you love and that will donate a portion of your wedding package makes you feel good about giving back without having to do anything extra to do so.

Simply Gypsy Events is a Midwest basedwedding planner whodonates a portionof eachwedding packageto local charities. During the month of November, when you book your wedding package, Simply Gypsy Eventswill donate half of your down payment to a local charity of your choice.

Let’s see what we can give back to our community this month.

“Let’s do good things together; let’s plan your wedding and let’s give something back to the community.” – Simply Gypsy Events

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