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Another Groomsman, or is that the Groom?

We’ve all been there, socializing at the cocktail hour before the big ceremony, asking discretely, “so which one is the Groom?”. For all of the “plus ones” and “distant family friends” out there, we get it. And Brides, we know who you are! So this is how to get your Groom to stand out and shine the same way that you do.

Why does nobody know who your Groom is? Because he is dressed EXACTLY the same as his Groomsmen! And there is nothing wrong with the Groomsmen looking sharp, but let’s make sure your Groom is unique.

Here are 3 subtle ways for your Groom to stand out:

1) Choose a different color for your Groom

Obviously, we don’t recommend your groom wearing a neon tux with blinking lights for cuffs, but contrasting a grey tux against the Groomsmen’s black tux might be the perfect way to help him stand out.
photo credit: greenweddingshoes,com

2) Give the Groom more

It always helps the the Groom is wearing the classiest tux of them all. Let’s give him a 3-piece suit, while the Groomsmen are sporting just a vest or blazer.

3) Ties and Bowties

The last trick is simple, people are going to notice that not all of the handsome men standing up front are wearing the same tie. So if they see 5 guys wearing a long tie, while only one is wearing a bowtie, it is safe for them to assume which one is the Groom!


All three of these option (you can pick and choose) are great ways to pull your guest attention away from the Groomsmen and toward you GROOM! Remember, it’s his big day too.

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