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Christmas List for the Impossible Groom

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I can’t be alone in admitting that my man is my hardest love to shop for. You carefully watch them for months, tracking what they like and don’t like, what they debate purchasing at the store, and you are sure you have the perfect gift. But, no matter what is bought, they say it is the greatest gift ever, but then you never see it again! What is up with that?

To avoid this happening again, I have compiled a list of “guy approved” gifts!

1. Something Leather

Guys. Love. Leather. And so do us girls! Nothing says classy, sophisticated, but still rustic and manly like leather does. Shop for something like a new bag, a wallet, or even a small leather keychain. You can’t go wrong here!

2. Sunglasses

A new pair of sunglasses is a great option for your stylish guy. However, make sure you know what styles look best before you buy!

3. A New Cap

Is your man still holding on to that smelly old cap, littered with rips and stains? I mean, it is great for a weekend at the cabin, but not for a Saturday of errands! A great fabric that is in-style for men is felt, try that!

4. Shaving Kit

Now, I know this seems strange because most men just use electric shavers these days! But, if he still uses a razor, try investing in a luxury shaving cream for Christmas! Otherwise, you can buy him some aftershave, so he will smell amazing!

5. Cuff Links

This is a fun gift if he loves sporting a suit and tie! Cuff links come in all shapes, colors, and styles, so there is enough room for you to be creative and personal!

6. Shoes

Anything from new sneakers to dress shoes! We are lucky that the selections of styles is slim when it comes to men’s shoes, so with this gift you can’t go wrong!

7. Watch

My personal favorite gift. A watch is the final touch to any outfit and can add a lot of class to your guy’s daily wear! The best part about watches is that the colors, materials, styles, and prices are endless. So, if you decide to go with a watch, make sure to think about his style more than yours!

Now that you know the best gifts for your impossible man, let’s get shopping!

Foursomeis an amazing Forever Bride vendor that is considered one of the finest men’s stores in the country. They are located in Plymouth, MN or online.

Jewelry by Johanis a local craftsmen that specializes in handmade goods. They do all things specialty jewelry! You can visit them online as well.

Check out either of these two vendors for an amazing selection of gifts for your impossible man!

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