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Every Bridesmaid is Special

Well Brides, now that you have “said yes to the dress” it is time to say yes some more. But this time for your besties!! But how do you shop one look for your uniquely beautiful Bridesmaids? The answer is, you don’t!

Bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Let’s not forget that their differences has shaped the Bride you are today, so you should honor them with killer dresses. The best way to do this is by giving your Bridesmaids options. Once you have a sense for how you want your Bridesmaids to accent you, let the ladies decide the rest.

Things to consider when shopping for your Bridesmaids:


Pick a color scheme that you want next to you while at the alter. Make sure that your Bridesmaids do not stand out by shying away from your guidelines. Also, it is best to give Bridesmaids options for their dress color because different skin tones can easily clash with certain colors.


credit: chelsi_jlayne


Depending on your Bridesmaid, length may matter more than you think. Depending on comfort and overall preference, one Bridesmaid may prefer the long, elegant look, while others want short and sweet.



The last thing to consider is style. Like I said, your Bridesmaids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and as we know, one size does not fit all. Choosing a variety of necklines and fits allows your Bridesmaids to feel comfortable and fabulous while still meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your expectations.


Time to get your shopping on!

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