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How to create a successful and impactful online listing

As a business, your online presence is now more important than ever. There is no denying that our culture relies heavily on the internet for the majority of our information; Google processes over 40,000 searches every second! Some research shows that the younger generation assumes a business does not even exist if it does not have a website or social media presence.

Online marketing gives you the ability to reach more customers in a cost-effective manner. It helps build brand recognition and helps build a positive reputation.

Here are a few ways to make your online listing successful:

1. Use your logo often.

Brand recognition is so important. Take McDonald’s for example; the “Golden Arches” are so recognizable that you will know exactly what company it is without seeing or reading the name. The logo is stronger than an image of the product because images can vary, be trendy, or too broad.

Make sure your logo is clear and represents your brand well. Unlike trendy photos, your logo should stand the test of time (or at least a couple seasons)

>on Forever Bride: Use your logo as the thumbnail in the “CATEGORY” section. This will help your potential customer recognize you, rather than skimming a sea of images.


2. Positive reviews.

Our most recent survey showed that positive reviews are one of the most important things brides look for when booking a vendor! Yes, getting reviews after the wedding can be like pulling teeth, but isn’t your business worth it?

>on Forever Bride: Have a saved template that you can send to everyone you have worked with asking for reviews. Or even better, write a handwritten note! Here is a great way to ask/beg for that precious review:

Dear [client(s)],

Thank you again so much for your business. I loved having the opportunity to get to know the two of you. Your wedding was amazing, I can’t wait to see your photos!

I know life is busy right now, with the honeymoon & getting settled into your new married-routine, but I would love to ask for a review.

One of the easiest ways to leave me a review is here: [link to your listing on FOREVERBRIDE.COM]

I would love to hear how we did, what made you choose to book us, or if you would recommend us.

Thank you in advance for your time, it means more to us than you know.


*hint: there is nothing wrong with sweetening the deal by offering an incentive like a gift card or a small contest!


3. Links.

Link to everything. Just as you prefer one social media platform over another, some brides will want to see you Instagram while others want to read about you on LinkedIn. It is your responsibility to give the customer access to it all. Do not make it hard for her to get to know you.

>on Forever Bride: When adding your links to your listing, make sure you are “pasting” the entire URL into the correct section. And of course, always go to your page to double-check every single one.


4. Brief description.

When shopping or researching, most people skim. They look for keywords. Sometimes they just read the 1st and last sentence of a big paragraph.

>on Forever Bride: Keep your description short & to the point. Maybe even include your mission statement. Write about what makes you unique, rather than your years of experience or different awards. Brides want to know how YOU are going to help make her day special.


5. Photos.

Every business should have high-quality images of your work. If you are brand new and have only a couple weddings under your belt, hire a photographer or schedule a photo shoot. Advertising online is most likely your first impression to the bride. The photos you use will help or hinder that initial impression.

>on Forever Bride: Choose a wide variety of images. Show your finished work, show your “behind the scenes,” show your work in progress, show your team. You can change out and add more images anytime. Most importantly, make sure your images are NAMED PROPERLY! Look at what your images is titled before you upload. If it is called “IMG649.jpg” this is not going to help your SEO. But, if you take 4 extra seconds to rename that photo to what it actually is, like “outdoor barn wedding in spring,” this will help Google recognize what that image is & help direct traffic to your page! To read more about SEO and how to increase your web traffic CLICK HERE.


6. Brag!

Just as important as advertising online or being part of an online community is telling people about it! Plus, reviews on outside websites, like Forever Bride or Yelp, weigh more important than reviews on your own website. So make sure you are sending traffic to your listings, where they can see you are a reputable business.

>TO DO: Use the Forever Bride BADGE on your website, linking to your listing or to your published work. You can also post regularly via social media, telling your followers to check out your page!

>TO DO: Submit your work! Share your weddings, styled shoots, events, or even write a blog!


To learn more about how to make the most on an online community, CLICK HERE

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