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How to Date Your Spouse

Photo | Ryan Lucas, Photographer

We are married”¦does that mean we can still date? Five ways to keep your “dating” life alive.

Remember when you first met your now forever partner? The butterflies you got while on those first few dates; the what seems like massive amounts of time you’d spend getting ready, and pampered to see them. Those days seem so short lived in our fast paced lives where comfort takes over, and a sense of security sets in. What used to be dresses and heels, has now turned into sweat pants, and less make up.

All of that is expected and wonderful knowing you can be yourself, but with everything in life, the focus is about all things in moderation. When we know we “have” someone, and the security of a solid relationship, the trying stalls a bit. It’s a natural progression that almost all couples go through.


Photo | Ryan Lucas, Photographer

Here are a couple sure ways to keep the flame lit with your spouse.

1. Focus on ways to keep the spontaneity alive. Schedule date nights in your calendars, and stick to them no matter what. Have an official night of the week where you truly feel as if you’re going on a date with your spouse.

2. Get ready separately, and keep the playfulness alive. Nothing’s better than a good teaser to lead up to the actual event.

3. Be thoughtful of what you each love, and enjoy doing. Take turns planning the dates, and even throw in a nice surprise here and there.

4. One of the best ways no matter what day of the week it is; or how tough of a situation you may be experiencing, is to know your partners love language. Sit down and go over what you need, and want from your partner. Maybe it’s just having them touch you in a non-sexual way to let you know they are there for you. Or maybe it’s a simple “thank you” for something they did; or how happy they make you feel. Flattery never gets old, and always goes a long way.

5. Lastly, remember you are both growing continuously as a couple, and as individuals. Try new things together. See a movie, check out a new restaurant or event, take a day trip somewhere to just get away, and out of the area. No matter how long you’ve been together, dating is essential to any lasting relationship.


Photo | Ryan Lucas, Photographer

Jennifer Wignall

Dating & Lifestyle Coach

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