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The Perfect Thank You Note

A good thank you note should be sincere and specific.No matter the gift, absolutely EVERYONE deserves a handwritten thank you note.

Here is a basic outline to help you hammer through that list:
Dear __________________________,

Thank you so much for the {specific gift}. We are so {grateful/excited/appreciative/humbled} for {the gift & how you will enjoy/use it}.

And thank you for {coming all the way/your beautiful speech/your sweet dance moves}.

It really meant the world to us to share our special day with you. We feel so {blessed/lucky} to have you in our lives.

{both your names}
1. postcard that says “THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT”
2. email/text or overall Facebook post thanking everyone. Ew. Just don’t.
1. Hostess: always write a note to the hostess of your Bridal Shower & the hostess of your Bachelorette Party. They spent a lot of time and money to make sure you had a memorable time. & don’t forget a Hostess Gift when you arrive at the party!
2. The person who introduced you! Why not take a minute to write a little note to the person who set you up with the love of your life!
3. Vendors: Yes, even though YOU hired THEM, if you feel they did a wonderful job, or really went above & beyond, let them know! Plus an online review will always be appreciated!
Thank you notes should be mailed out no later than 6 weeks after the wedding.
So, make some coffee, open up that new stationery, & get to writing!

photo by FrouStudio

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