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How to Be the Best Personal Attendant

Being the personal attendant for a bride on her wedding day is such a wonderful honor. You aren’t only one of the bride’s best friends, but one of her most trustworthy, reliable, and sweetest friends as well. She chose you for this role on the most important day of her life. Not to mention, you’ll be a part of some of the sweetest memories and events that you will hold dear for years to come.

It’s a wonderful honor & privilege to be a part of anyone’s special day, but it also comes with responsibility and to-do lists. As noted, the bride chose you to be her personal attendant based off your wonderful character & friendship qualities. You are the woman for the job, and this job means there are things to do & tasks to complete in order to help create the most special day for the bride & groom.

In the midst of the wedding planning, it’s common for the wedding party to not quite know what exactly needs to be done, or what they can personally do to help. Even though we already know you’ll be the most perfect personal attendant that a bride could ever ask for, we wanted to compile a quick list of duties you should put focus your heart & attention on.

6 Pretty Important Duties as a Personal Attendant:

1. Get Your Party Pants On

It’s important to try to be there for the bridal showers, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and any other special events related to the wedding. The bride chose you to be close to her side on the wedding day, but that also means choosing to be there for her on the days that lead up to it as well. Also be sure to ask the bridal shower or bachelorette party hosts if there’s anything you can do to help. Run an errand for them, or help them set up decor at the parties. Any help is always so appreciated.

2. Create an Emergency Kit

This should be filled with things such as extra bobby pins, safety pins, tide to go, perfume, deodorant, ibuprofen, bandages, water, little snacks… you get the idea. This kit should be filled with the necessities that the bride & her maids could have easily forgotten to pack or simply wouldn’t have packed enough of. In the midst of the wedding week it’s common that something gets left behind. Be the woman that can fix any problem.

3. The Bride’s Point of Reference

Before the wedding day, be sure to sit down with the bride and ask her for a schedule of the wedding day, a list of her vendors with their phone numbers, and for a general idea of how she’s envisioning the decor. On the wedding day plenty of people will want to be chatting with the bride about questions they might have. Whether it’s in regards to the decor, or where the groom should meet her on the first look, or a vendor is need of directions, you are to be the woman with all of the answers. Your main duty is to keep the bride blissful and stress-free. Unless absolutely necessary, the bride should be addressed with minimal questions or concerns on her special day.

4. On-The-Go

The day of the wedding is filled with all things hustle & bustle. In the midst of it all, the bride or groom may need an extra errand to be ran, or someone to go grab lunch, or someone to tell the vendors where to be & when. You should always have a car on hand, your phone in your pocket (off of silent mode), and be wearing a pair of comfy shoes. There will be a whole lot of last minute things to be done, even with the most organized & well planned wedding. Be prepared to be on the go all day long.

5. Never Let a Girl Go Hungry

Make sure the bridal party snacks and drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Between getting hair & makeup done, and finishing up last minute decor, the day gets away from everyone and it’s easy to forget to just simply eat. Keep plenty of snacks on hand, or even ask the bride before the wedding day if she’d like you to pick up some pre-made sandwiches for lunch. As bridesmaids are getting their hair done, hand them a granola bar & a bottle of water. It’s an easy time for them to snack aimlessly, keep their bellies full & everybody just a bit happier.

6. Friend of the First Look

The first look between the bride & groom is such a special and intimate moment between the newlyweds-to-be. Assist the bride while she walks to her first look by holding her dress, double checking her makeup, and wiping any tears away. She’ll be beyond grateful to have a friend by her side before she sees her groom. Be sure to give her plenty of compliments. Let her know how gorgeous she looks, how perfect her dress is, and how every bit of the day is simply perfect. There’s no better feeling than having an encouraging friend, especially on one of the most important days of your life.

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Download the free personal attendant printable here!

photography // Steena Anne Photography

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