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Things To Do The Morning Before You Say I Do

The morning of the wedding is full of anticipation and excitement! Here is a list of things to do before you exchange your vows. Want to win a beautiful floral robe like the ones featured below? Learn more at the bottom of the page!


1. EAT! The bride and her maids need to get a sufficient breakfast and lunch before the day starts. Wedding days are jam-packed, so it is crucial to get the fuel you need to make it through the entire wedding day!


2. TREAT YOUR MAIDS! Make your bridesmaids feel extra special with matching robes, gifts, and or sweet letters! (Matching robes look amazing in pictures!)


3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! The earlier you start, the better. Going to the restroom in your wedding dress is not an easy task.

4. DESIGNATE! Ask your maids to handle different tasks. One should be in charge of creating a wedding day playlist, another should be in charge of taking pictures on the bride’s phone (it’s nice for the bride to be able to see pictures right after her big day!), another maid should help keep the bride organized… etc.

5. PACK AN EMERGENCY KIT! It is extremely important to be prepared for the unknown. A travel sized sewing kit, hairspray, lipstick, oil-blotting facial sheets, and breath mints are a few options to put in an emeregency kit. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


But most importantly, enjoy your day! For a lot of brides, the day goes quickly, so don’t forget to let yourself relax and take it all in!

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