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Vendor Spotlight: Lilacs and Lace

Remember when you were a kid and and you gave that one best friend the other half of your BFF heart necklace? I sure do! And I bet no one knows this type of beginning better than AriAnna and Brittany of Lilacs and Lace– these girls have been #bestfriends for over twenty years! Now that’s #goals!


Lilacs & Lace is a best friend owned boutique event planning and design company. The two girls have always loved “love” and found themselves helping friends and family plan and design weddings and events since debuting their talents in their own weddings. Though the two had been planning events together for years, the event that launched Lilacs & Lace was a non-profit called “Star Legacy’s First Annual Bereaved Mother’s Day Tea.” The company name was chosen in honor of this event; lilacs symbolize the love for AriAnna’s stillborn daughter Alma, and lace elegantly stands the test of time.


AriAnna and Brittany put their hearts into every event they plan! After meeting couples, they feel deeply connected and committed to executing every detail of the wedding to showcase their unique love story. They want to be known for the personal touches they leave on the day and for creating an experience their couples and guests remember for a lifetime!


When meeting the these two, you should know they are self proclaimed “coffee addicts!” This is why they will take you for coffee during your first meeting with them! Their go to coffee shop is Mocha Monkey where they like to sip on their favorite drink “Love Monkey” ( I mean how fitting?!)


They are also loads of fun! You will hear their laughter across the room and they will most definitely be found on the dance floor during your wedding (one all required duties are completed, of course). (;



Come see this duo in action at the Forever Bride Market at Radisson Blu in the Mall of America on February 17th, and let them plan your big day for you!

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