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One Big “YES” on Boom Island

Our lovely Forever Bride photographer, Christina of Steena Anne Photography recently shot the proposal of her dear friend + roommate, Kristen. Just wait till you read the story + see all the photos––it’ll give you all the warm, fuzzy feels!

Let’s hear it from the wonderful + talented Christina herself:

When I moved out of my parents house (which embarrassingly enough wasn’t that long ago) I met Kristen. She became my first ever roommate. She is older, wears red lipstick, and laughs very easily. It wasn’t hard to see why her boyfriend, Adam, was so taken with her. They made the kitchen smell good on a weekly basis with their at-home dinner dates, watched The Bachelor religiously, and often stopped by my room to chat with me while editing.

I wasn’t among the few when I became overjoyed at hearing the secret news that a proposal was looming in the future. Adam messaged me on Instagram three weeks before the beginning of November. I snuck out of the house to meet him for coffee and was ecstatic to be officially chosen to capture their moment.

“She’s been really good. She’s given me a couple details but has let me have some space,” he said while leaning across the table. “I just want it to be simple, but perfect. Her dad joked that I should do it while she’s watching tv. That’s too simple – she’d kill me.”

He had concerns about the weather, ideas about special things to incorporate, questions on locations. She wanted a city view, that was the only specific she had given him. That wouldn’t be hard – we do live in the beautiful Minneapolis. Weeks went by and we all prayed that the snow would stay away. We went out with all of her friends the night before. We all whispered excitedly about the next day when she went into the bathroom.



Everything was right on track. On the big day, around 3pm, I snuck out of the house with all my camera gear. She didn’t notice. She was too busy getting ready for a fancy date – a theater play that had already finished three hours before. Good thing she didn’t check – Adam’s cover story worked out perfectly. I sat in a furry, hooded coat in the middle of the sprawling lawn on Boom Island. It wasn’t snowing – thank the Lord. The skyline was crisp and clear.





It wasn’t long before my slightly cold roommate, tucked underneath Adam’s arm, walked towards me. He turned her around to face the city and they leaned against each other for a bit. Than he began talking to her. I’ve never seen a more sincere proposal. He spoke straight to Kristen’s heart. I watched as love and joy spread all over her face.

He slowly got down on one knee and looked up at her, holding out the ring box. She instantly shook her head and with a beautiful grin, said the biggest “yes” ever heard; kneeling down beside him to be with him, right where he was. She screamed a little when she saw her ring.





When they stood up to hug, she tilted her head and said, “Hi Christina!” That photo turned out blurry because there were huge tears pooling in the viewfinder of my camera. Oops. Three big honks sounded from the Boom Island parking lot and out ran our third roommate with Kristen’s furry pal Rufous in a bowtie – the little family was complete. That’s when Kristen really bawled.





They left the park and headed off to spend some quiet time at Alma, followed by a surprise family dinner at Jefe, and mini doughnuts at Cafe Lurcat. She brought home a bottle of wine that she and Adam had bought to commemorate their special day and was pleasantly surprised to find red roses waiting in her design studio.





Most people would say that it’s lucky to live with a photographer – able and willing to document every big moment in life. But I would say, it’s lucky to live with a person who genuinely loves and outrageously encourages the people she’s around; especially if she’s brilliant at dividing utility bills too.

Kristen makes people want to stick by her side for a lifetime. Good pick Adam, good pick. You’re going to have the best roommate ever – forever.


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photography // Steena Anne Photography

restaurant // Jefe: Urban Hacienda

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