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A Wintery Christmas Proposal

Christmas is always glistening with lights, jolly music, and in Minnesota––frosty white snow. It’s a special time of year. And now this holiday is even more memorable for Chelsea + Will, who have been together since they were 16 years old.

Ready for a Christmas proposal story full of wintery bliss? Let the magical storytelling begin.


Throughout their relationship the couple loved giving each other gifts. Every time a gift was purchased for their anniversary or a birthday, they would exchange hints before presenting it. So naturally when Will started hinting towards giving her jewelry for Christmas, Chelsea excitedly assumed it was a necklace.




But little did she know, he was drafting a grand proposal. To disguise his proposal plans, Will told Chelsea he had arranged a family dinner and encouraged her to dress up.



Upon arriving to Rice Park, they began their journey through the magically lit park. Hand in hand the couple walked, taking in every moment. And in great festivity, the park was playing Christmas movies that night. It was the perfect holiday scene.




Slowly and full of smiles, Will pulled out a red velvet necklace-shaped box. So of course, Chelsea immediately thought it was a necklace. She opened the box slowly, anxious to see the necklace. There was no necklace but a small slip of paper that had YES? written in bold permanent marker.



Suddenly she stopped shivering from the frigid temperatures and suddenly realized what was happening––the moment you dream about your whole life. The moment where your true love is ready to marry you, and carry on the adventures that you two will share forever.


So sweet!


On cue, Will whipped out a second box from Wedding Day Diamonds––this one small and black. He graciously got down on one knee and asked his high school sweetheart to marry him.


Will slipped off the promise ring he gave her years ago for Christmas. She could tell he was nervous, which she loved seeing. Because weeks prior to this special moment he told her that he was never nervous about the thought of proposing. But as he put on the most stunning, customized, rose gold ring on her finger, she knew he was feeling the same way she has all these years.


As Chelsea wrapped her arms around her new fiance to keep her legs from shaking, she began to cry the happiest of tears. She soon glanced up and saw crowds of people standing to watch this moment. Through the clapping hands, she noticed a photographer freezing this big moment in time.


Whitley B. Photography was there to capture the special event. Whitley ran up to hug the couple enthusiastically. She stated that Will hired her and that she wants to take them through the town to keep capturing the moment.


The night ended with many photos, a walk through the town, and a wonderful dinner just the two of them to enjoy this life altering moment.


Congratulations, Chelsea + Will. We are so excited for you and can’t wait to see your wedding photos!


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photography // Whitley B. Photography

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