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Trends From Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Ladies, it’s no secret that one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is finding your perfect dress — one that makes you feel beautiful, radiant, and truly confident in front of all your guests. With the bridal market evolving every year, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest style trends, which is where we come in! The Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week took place late last month, and we’ve reviewed some of the most stunning dress designs in order to help you find the perfect style for your big day! Find inspiration from the gorgeous gowns that made it down the runway and see similar styles from local bridal shops!

Ana Torres debuted her “Bolero” line, based on the expression of love, which showed off stunning flower embroidery and lots and lots of lace.


The line also featured delicate pleating to accentuate women’s curves.


If you’re loving the flower embroidery and lace, Raffiné Bridal offers a gorgeous selection of dresses with similar styles.


Rosa Clara’s 2018 bridal line highlighted the elegance in minimalism with simple yet breathtaking designs.


Some gowns featured high necklines and bell sleeves while others showed a more delicate, simplistic style.


To find a wedding dress resembling Rosa Clara’s designs, check out Bella Bridal Boutique!


Carrying a wide range of designers and dresses, you’ll be sure to find a minimalistic dress with a bold flare, or something more sweet and elegant.


Christina Tamborero debuted her New York City-inspired Hudson collection, designed for the contemporary, romantic woman.


The line features sheer fabrics, gemstone embroidery, plunging backlines, and silhouettes that beautifully highlight curves.


For these classic styles, Kennedy Blue is a must! The bridal boutique offers a nice selection of gowns that work for any budget!


The trendy low backlines and curve-accentuating silhouettes are sure to turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

Jesus Peiro’s 2018 bridal collection is all about bohemian vibes. The line features a mix of rich and soft textures, lavish designs, lace, and embroidery.


The vibrant makeup looks and bold accessories made Peiro’s line even more fabulous. We’re in love!


The Wedding Shoppe is the perfect place to find the dreamy, boho-inspired dress you’ve always wanted.



We’d love to know: what are your favorite bridal gown styles and upcoming trends?

photos 6-7 // raffiné bridal

photos 12-15 // bella bridal boutique

photos 24-27 // the wedding shoppe

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