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New York Bridal Fashion Week

New York Bridal Fashion Week was April 14-18

I am so in love with the way bridal fashion is trending right now; soft-flowy silks, thick cut lace, heavy beading, modest sleeves, and hints of nude colors.

I always get so excited to see what hits the runway each season, even if they sometimes are a little over the top. Fashion is all about pushing the boundaries, and finding that perfect balance between beauty and creativity.

Fashion shows have always been a way for designers to showcase their latest creations to potential buyers, (meaning bridal shops & boutiques) as well as the media. Very rarely in the fashion world does a runway showcater directly to the consumer.

Growing up in a bridal shop, I quickly understood the importance of “market,” where we would sit through days and days of fashion shows, selecting which merchandise to purchase & bring back to our shop. It was up to us to know our customer well enough to predict what she would want, months before she even stepped foot in our store!

The next best way to see these fashions come to life is visiting the local bridal shops in your area. Over the next couple months, you will be able to see these gorgeous pieces of art in person, with an appointment of course.

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