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5 Fitness Tips For Brides

Close your eyes and see yourself floating down the aisle to your soulmate, feeling confident in your wedding dress. Now imagine posing for portraits in a vibrant garden, feeling beautiful with your toned arms. Doesn’t that sound great?

Are you ready to get fit for your wedding day? If so, you’re in the right place! Jessica ofboldr+ her personal trainers are sharing their top 5 fitness tips for brides.

The coolest thing about boldr isthat they offer clients live training via video technology, so you can literally workout with a live personal trainer from home. Now you have no excuse to ditch your workouts. 🙂

Here’s what Jessica writes:

My co-founder and I both planned our weddings in the last few years (hers, beachy bliss destination-wedding in Jamaica, mine, dinner and dancing under the sky-scrapers at a restaurant in Toronto).

Throughout our different planning processes we both had something in common: wanting to look and feel amazing on our wedding days.

This is the first of our “Wedding-Day Ready Fitness” series, and to kick off we turned to our experts, two of our Head Trainers to get the skinny on their all-time favourite fitness tips for brides.

They have worked with MANY brides-to-be over the years, not to mention have been brides and/or married one. Suffice to say they are in the know when it comes to getting Wedding-Day Ready!

Read on for their Top Tips (and make sure you read to the bottom to view + enter our GIVEAWAY!)


1. Start Early

Get in the habit of regular workouts TODAY by scheduling in short, regular workouts. This way it becomes second nature. You will schedule your workout the way you schedule everything else in your day, instead of it feeling like “something else” you need to do in preparation for your wedding.

The time investment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Three times a week for 45 minutes is more than enough to make significant changes.

Plus, working out improves your mental health and body composition. So starting early will ensure this winning combo can help your mood and stress levels, not to mention ensure you look perfect in your dress.


2. Find Your Swolemate

Convince your future hubby or maid of honor to join you in your fitness journey. You’ll keep each other accountable and have fun in the process.

You might be tempted to put off your workout if you have a busy day, but if you know you have a friend or your fiancé counting on you too, you’ll be less likely to bail!

PS. What-now? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know what a #swolemate is, either. I’m not ashamed to admit I had to Google it when our Trainer told us about it.

Basically, #swolemate is just a trendy name for a gym buddy. It’s usually a romantic couple, hence the play on “soulmate”, but we believe certain friends are soulmates too. Swole is slang for being super swollen and pumped up after a workout. Now you know!


3. Ditch the “beast mode” trend

We’re giving you permission to forget about this whole “beast mode” trend. Move your body daily, challenge yourself but don’t hurt yourself, and your strength and endurance will improve.

Be realistic and be kind to yourself, this is a busy time in your life; exercise should be an outlet, not a punishment.

Certain workouts tout themselves as being “extreme,” “insane” or “killer.” While we’re all for sweating and working hard, there is NO sense overdoing from the get go, because injuries will only set you back.

Too many people do not fully understand correct form when it comes to workout moves, which is best case counter-productive and in the worst-case, resulting in serious and/or permanent injuries.


4. Focus in our your specific goals with regards to your wedding day or dress (if you have them!).

Does your dress show off your shoulders and décolletage? Are you doing a destination wedding and will be in a bikini for a week before your wedding? Are you looking for an all-over toning?

Write down your goals and talk to your trainer about them. While exclusively spot-training is NOT a thing, and no reputable trainer would promise results to one area only, focusing on certain parts of your body in tandem with your full-body regime will make you feel amazing.


5. Make sure your workout is actually work

This one seems obvious but you would be surprised about how many people don’t do this. Most people take too many breaks between sets, focus too much on cardio and/or are not using their major muscle groups in a correct order.

A professional can help you with this if you are unsure! You should be working out at an intensity that makes it difficult to talk during the hardest moves but doesn’t leave you passed out on the floor.

Your muscles should be sore the next day and this feeling is actually key to building lean muscle mass.

Really sore? Though it’s the last thing you likely feel like doing, go for a quick jog, do some yoga poses or a quick set of jumping jacks, squats and planks.

Getting the blood flowing through your body will help your muscles recover.

And now for our fun contest…



To kick off our partnership, we are pleased to offer a contest exclusively for our Forever Bride friends called the #boldrbride.

It includes:

-12 FREE weeks of live, online personal training sessions at

-FREE Nutrition package with our resident nutritionist, the fabulous Megan of @realistic.holistic.

-Initial consult, a nutrition plan and 4 live online check-ins to be used when you wish.


Jump over to Forever Bride’s Instagram to enter!

*Contest closes Dec 15, winner(s) will be announced that day!

Stay tuned, lots more fun to come!

xo Jessica

P.S. Don’t forget to check out boldr‘s exclusive Forever Bride deal. They are offering a Free Trial + 50% off your first month’s package! Click here for details.

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