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6 Honeymoon Destinations

It’s wedding planning season! And along with wedding planning there is honeymoon planning. After all the time spend planning the wedding, wouldn’t it be nice for somebody else to plan the relaxing part? That’s what Alle Travel is in business to do.

No trip is as special and as romantic as the one as a couple. The honeymoon is a time to sit back, relax, and love.

At Alle Travel, they specialize in working with couples who yawn at the sound of a honeymoon on a cruise or an all inclusive resort in the Bahamas. Their sweet spot is working with those who crave something a little more adventurous, a little more off-road and picturesque. This is a once in a lifetime trip, after all.

Alle Travel is the expert on all things honeymoon, here is what they say are the 6Best Honeymoon Spots from 2016:

1. Zanzibar

Sounds romantic and alluring but you have no idea where it is? You’re not the only one. Zanzibar is an island located just 22 miles off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. This group of islands is world-famous for picture perfect beach scenes, deep-sea fishing and spectacular coral reefs. It’s also called “spice island” because there are many amazing spice plantations to visit and check out cloves, cardamon, ginger and nutmeg being grown. Additionally, there are action filled markets and some great surfing too. It’s a destination high on beauty and relation with plenty of opportunity to mix it up with some other great activities.


2. Sicily

If you’re among those who say honeymoons to Italy are passé (a statement we absolutely disagree with), allé recommends you check out Sicily as a honeymoon destination. There are plenty of pristine beaches for lovebirds to relax on, scenic hikes, the most charismatic locals you’ll ever come across and even the opportunity to scale Europe’s largest active volcano (Mt Etna). A trip to Italy is perfect for honeymooners who are active city-slickers but like to kick back and enjoy the slow beach life every once in a while, too.


3. Philippines

Allé is so excited about sending honeymooners to the Philippines- seriously, these islands are relatively untouched, for now, and that’s bound to change soon enough. This huge clustering of islands is an island hopping honeymooning couple’s dream. The typical island in the Philippines has a jungle-filled, mountainous interior and a sandy, poster-worthy coastline with bright colored waters and an exquisite coral reef system. Islands range from urban and populated to completely secluded and romantic, so they recommend doing it all and making a few stops along your island hopping itinerary.


4.Sri Lanka

With so many options for food, sights, beaches and activities, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for active honeymooners who crave stimulation. There are tons of fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites, rainforests and beaches abound and some action packed cities too. Oh, and let’s talk about food- it’s perfect for the adventurous foodies. Still recovering from war, Sri Lanka is just now finally making its way back onto traveler’s itineraries, making it the perfect time to visit.


5. Japan

If you crave culture, serenity, organization and an urban society that just seems to do life right, then Japan is the perfect destination. Tokyo offers an action-packed start to your honeymoon, while Kyoto is the best place to wander for days on end through captivating gardens, bamboo forests and timeless shrines and temples. Sure, there aren’t many tropical beaches around here, but for history buffs and true travelers, Japan has it all. And in case you must add a little beach-side living to your itinerary, a relatively short flight to Japan’s Okinawa island will offer just the scenery you seek, and so much more.


6. Croatia

A country that hugs some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, Croatia is best seen either behind the wheel of a car as you make your way through the windy and exhilarating sea-hugging highway, or by sailing through the Adriatic. Easily accessible from all of Europe, Croatia offers beaches that are a combination of soft, small pebbles or gentle sand, and some of the most pleasant sea-water ever. And there are plenty of charming European sea-side towns that will spice up the your time between beaches and swimming.


All Photos by Alle Travel

Alle Travelto start planning the honeymoon of a lifetime”¦ or just any ole trip; it’s what they do best.

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