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5 Ideas to Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love

Photo | Jacob Murphy

The idea of a wedding party standing up at the altar with the bride and groom is to signify the people who believe in the couple and stand behind their union of marriage. While that is still (hopefully) true today, bridesmaids are put through the wringer with the amount of tasks they have.

Here arefivesimple ideas of ways you can show your bridesmaids you value them and treasure the work they put in:

1.Treat them to a pedicure. A good pedicure can mend just about anything. Spend the whole time asking your bridesmaids about their lives, what’s going on at work, how their families are, everything you used to talk about.

2.Send them flowers. Receiving flowers will make anyone’s day! Include a little note saying how much you love your best friend and how thankful you are that they’re in your life.

3.Have a good old-fashioned pajama party. There’s nothing like a good bottle of vino, pizza, and a Nicholas Sparks movie to make the best girls-night-in.

4.Buy them a “Just Because” present. In case you haven’t been exposed to such a great thing, it’s when you get a present for no reason, just because! Go out and buy your friend a cute pair of earrings, or a little knick-knack that reminds you of them. It’s sure to make them feel appreciated.

5.Write them a letter. This is probably the most inexpensive yet meaningful option of all. Sit down, take 30 minutes, and write down why you are grateful for your bridesmaids.

Yes, our bridesmaids are there to help us with the crazy thing called “planning a wedding.” But its important to remember they have their own lives, their own needs, & most importantly, you still want to be friends after the wedding.

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