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Doodles by Jillian

Doodles By Jillian is all about taking the ordinary and transforming it through handlettering and watercolor––from handlettered quotes to wedding invitation envelopes to watercolor maps and everywhere in between! Take a moment and get to know the creative behind it all:

“I’m Jillian and I’m the artist behind Doodles By Jillian. I create custom handlettered and watercolor pieces for every occasion, but I especially love weddings! Living in a mass-produced, photocopied, cookie-cutter world, I’m a big believer that more things should be handmade, especially hand-drawn. I love creating pieces that are one-of-a-kind––there’s something extra special about handing a client their finished project and telling them that it is the only one that exists. From addressing wedding invitation envelopes to hand-drawn maps and everything in between, I love creating unique, custom projects for brides to add that extra special touch to their wedding day.”

Watch the time-lapse video:

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