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Find The Right Videographer For You

Every wondered why you need a videographer? We have the answers, straight from the horse’s mouth…Well from the mouth of wedding videographer, Ali Rogers, owner + creative mind behind PranaLens.

Images // PranaLens

“Videographer AND a photographer? We don’t need both, let’s cut the video and stick with photos.”

Video goes beyond the visuals – it’s sensual storytelling that taps into something deeper than just a documentation of your day. Video captures the energy, ambience and emotion; allowing you to feel as though you can touch, taste, and relive the day whenever you watch your video. I became a videographer because video moves me in a way that an image just can not. It allows me to tell the deeper story – the love story that has brought you to this moment.

But, how do you choose a videographer that is right for you?
You can look at numbers and bullet points on a screen for days, but nothing will tell you more than the feeling you get when you’re connecting over coffee or a cocktail. Meet with them in person! How they engage with you is a reflection of how they’ll engage with your video and your story, choose someone who seems invested in getting to know you.

My philosophy is authenticity. Reflecting your day so that it’s personal to you. Why invest all this money to have a piece of art that was whipped out in a similar fashion to another?


Choosing your wedding videographer with your photographer early on is crucial. The relationship between videographer and photographer is an important one. We are the ones capturing and reflecting these moments for you and you want to feel like you’re in good hands. Choose photographers who work well with videographers and vice versa. When it’s a team effort everybody wins.

Moral of my story, a wedding video captures a different element of your special day. It reminds you of all the small details that make up one of the most important days of your life.

For more questions or if you just want to snag a coffee or drink with Ali and further discuss videography (which we highly suggest! Seriously, check out her work HERE!) drop her line at + watch one of her wedding videos below!

Bryan & Dana! from Ali Rogers ( on Vimeo.

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