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Revive your Wedding Planning Joy with Heirloom Amour

There are many detailsin wedding planning, so feeling overwhelmed is only normal. What once was a dream lighting up your Pinterest board has now turned into a chore that sounds worse than washing dishes.


Courtney Jensen, the owner of Heirloom Amour writes, “Calling all victims of wedding planning burnout – if you’ve run out of patience, space on your kitchen table for food and sticky notes to coexist, or if your cabinet is running dangerously low on bride fuel (AKA tequila), I am thrilled to report that I can so easily bring back the joy your wedding Pinterest board once brought you prior to the day your home was covered in hot glue, burlap, and slight defeat.”



You still may find these details fun to do yourself!



“As a professional wedding vendor with years experience helping couples create a timeline and day that best fits their unique style and vision,” she continues, “I am offering complimentary, one-on-one consults in the form of a casual meeting at one of my favorite breweries in NE Minneapolis, Bauhaus Brew Labs.”



Sounding like a much needed breath of fresh air? Courtney is eager to grab some coffee with you and make wedding planning great again! (Side note: they do wedding film, too!) She’ll happily take the weight off your shoulders. Because you should enjoy this special time in your life––not stress about it.


She’ll personally discuss your timeline, budget, or answer any of your general questions that have gone unanswered for months.


For more information and to reserve your spot (limited dates available), please click here. Don’t forget to mention Forever Bride for a special deal!

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