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Planning For Your Future!

Do you love the state you live in? Have you always wanted to move? These are some questions that would be a good thing to discuss so that you can have a more clear picture for what your future may look like with your husband. Sometimes circumstances change. Maybe an amazing job offer means moving out of state. Are you prepared for a life change like that? Or are you the type that could never move away from what you know?

3. Rent or Own?

Have you always dreamed of getting engaged, getting married, and moving into a house? Or are you more flexible with your plans? Are you open to renting for awhile? Or are you determined to find your dream home? Talk to your man about what his vision is for housing. There are many options out there that are sure to please both of you!

4. Should we get a pet?

Deciding whether or not to own a pet together is actually a big decision. The animal will be with you for years and years to come. Are you both animal lovers? Or would having a pet as a newlywed be too stressful? It is all about timing, if the timing isn’t right, then don’t take on the responsibility!

5. Dream together!

Having goals and dreams is important in your marriage. It is a great relationship building game that the two of you can do together! Talk about what you want, what you are dreaming of, and what your goals are. Aim high! Dreams can be anything you want! If you don’t dream them up, then they probably won’t ever come true! So have fun discussing everything from vacation homes to yachts with your man!

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