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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Have you been searching for the perfect place to have a unique bachelorette party? Look no further. These places will most definitely create fun, memorable experiences for everyone involved.

If you’re feeling crafty, Projects in Person (PIP) is the place to go! You create THE cutest little projects that will have you wondering how in the world you made that. Guaranteed to impress your hubby too! All you have to do is show up with your girls and they will provide the materials and guided instructions to create a project from their current offerings. How fun?!


Kitchen In The Market:
Good drinks and even better food? Sign me up. At Kitchen In The Market you and your ladies will not only learn how to cook certain foods using local, organic ingredients, but you get to eat the deliciousness as well. Believe me when i say delicious! Wine pairings, karaoke, and a little competition can and should be added to make your night that much more eventful!


When the girls get together, we like to dance. We may not be the greatest but as long as we’re having fun that’s all that matters right? Taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray will be the perfect pre-wedding get together with guaranteed laughs for all. They offer a variety of classes ranging from Swing to Salsa to Country Western and lots more. Your bridal party will be owning the dance floor at your wedding after one of these lessons.


Brewery/Winery Tour:

Car rides with your friends are fun. Car rides with up to 28 of your friends when nobody has to drive? Even better. Mama Ducks Shuttle Express or 10,000 Lakes Limo will take you to any or all of the wineries/breweries of your choice. Sit back, relax and enjoy your glass of wine or ice cold beer. Not having to worry about a sober drive makes everyones lives a little easier!


Conceal & Carry Class:
This is something I think we have all wanted to do but may be a little nervous about. Gather the girls to Atlas Defense and don’t forget to bring your inner fierceness along. This would be a great way to start off your bachelorette party…not to mention the groomsmen might be a tad bit jealous that they didn’t get to do this.


Old School Sleepover:
Everything about this. Throw it back to the good ole days when you invited all your closest friends over to talk about the hot gossip, consume endless amounts of yummy treats and of course sip on some tasty adult beverages! This is such a good idea for a laid back, stress free night. Consider catering to make the hosts life easier!

Photo Credit: Weddbook

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is always hosting events where you can help out. Playing with puppies all day? Umm yes please!!! Knowing my friends we would all be going home with a pup at the end of the day and we would become weekly volunteers. This is an obvious must do.


AND of course don’t forget your RESQWATER Proactive Recovery to stay hydrated during all of your adventures!
OR use Last Call Car Service if you need a ride home for you AND your car. Drive Safe!



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