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Wedding Planning Made Simple!

For most women, planning your wedding can be a serious undertaking! Getting married is not something that happens everyday. The easy part is getting that engagement ring on your finger! You may find yourself asking, “now what!?” When the pressure starts to build, where will you turn? Here are three simple tips that will help you plan for the most memorable wedding ever!

Take Notes!

Chose a time of day when you are feeling the most creative. I am most creative after I have my morning cup of coffee. That dose of caffeine can help you get your “thinking cap on.” Write down everything that comes to your mind. Have fun thinking things through with your fiance. You will learn a lot about your soon to be husband through the wedding planning process.

Do some Research!

Knowledge is power. The more you know about weddings, wedding cakes, wedding flowers, and invitations, the more you will find out what you like and what you don’t like. If your fiance claims that he just doesn’t care about what you chose for the details of your wedding, don’t back off of him so easily. The last thing you want is to have your husband have regrets about not speaking up during the wedding planning process. He may “not care” now, but in a few years he might care then! Be sure to include him in on the research phase of the wedding planning process.


One of my favorite movies is, “The Wedding Planner.” If you remember the movie, Jennifer Lopez’s character makes the wedding day go so smoothly. If you are the type of person that can get flustered easily, than I would highly recommend making room in your budget for a wedding planner. A lot of times wedding planners know how to save you even more money on your wedding because of the connections they have and the insider tips that they can provide. You too, can find your very own J.Lo! (minus the part where she steals the groom in the movie.)

Remember, you have to start somewhere. Just chip away at the wedding planning process day by day, and before you know it, you will be walking down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams!


Image: Lucas Botz Photography
Author: Jessica Dennison | Image: Poly Mendes Photography

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