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Win a Signed Copy Of The Conscientious Bride Wedding Manual

If you feel you are lacking wedding planning confidence, direction, or organization––you’ve come to the right place!

In her many years of planning weddings, day-of coordinating, and making flowers, Amy Mitchell of Passion Blooms has endlessly heard this common phrase: “We have no clue what we are doing.”

Can you relate? Amy can. She’s been there and knows how you feel. So rounding up her experience and expertise, shehas written a wedding planning guide for YOU.

Here’s what she has to say:

My budget didn’t allow for a planner (although that would have been exquisite!) so I understood what every couple meant when they said those words. Planning your wedding is exciting but there is a point when it does feel like a second job. Just being real!

Most brides have demanding jobs, working hard to build a career, not to mention keep a full social calendar. She is busy and busier. She is the modern bride. However busy, she wants to plan this wedding right.

One day I realized brides need help. I want to help her! Since it’s not in her budget to hire a planner or doesn’t believe she needs one, why not help by passing on knowledge to equip her. Because she is busy, keep this information simple, straight forward, and to the point. She is smart and knows she can do it. Let’s give this modern bride the tools to know how to plan her wedding and make educated decisions. Let’s make her the conscientious bride.

Conscientious is an adjective that means (of a person) wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly. “I have yet to meet a bride who doesn’t want to do just that when planning her wedding. The Conscientious Bride Wedding Manual was born. When thinking about how to actually write this book, I thought back to when I got married and the steps on how I planned my wedding.


I remembered I came across this amazing binder system. It was incredible but lacked some of the explicit wedding details I was hoping to know. So I began my search for another book. I wanted one that was simple, an easy read and not longwinded! There were (and still are) so many wonderful wedding planning books out there but one problem. Too much detail! For me and my personality, I am someone who needs the “must knows.” I can figure out the rest. I absolutely do not want to read 18-pages on flower choices. No offense! Some people are wired to want to know every single detail whether it applies to them or not. Me, not so much. Tell me what I need to know and I got the rest. It’s creative thinking and problem solving – I love that!


When planning my wedding, I worked beyond full-time, was heavily involved in my church plus keeping up with my personal life. Having a social life with my fiancé, friends, and my family was time consuming. Life was busy. Honestly, I didn’t have time to read a massive book on wedding planning. The time I would spend reading the book sounded more overwhelming than my bikini wax. Sounds bizarre but for me, it was! As I was mapping out this book, I kept thinking, would I read this book? As a bride, would this appeal to me and my need to save time? I believe it does.


I wrote this book in sequential order. What I mean is, every chapter is the next step you should take in your wedding planning process. Whether you are just starting to plan your wedding or in the middle, The CB Wedding Manual will help. Some people get overwhelmed by big picture so seeing the step-by-step process makes the goal manageable. Others are the opposite! The big picture is easy to visualize but the process to get there makes them cringe. By writing the chapters in order, readers move through the planning process with ease. It’s the steps that lead up to the big day. Couples can know they are accomplishing tasks to reach the wedding day big picture. Who doesn’t love that feeling?


A planner is a luxury. Since some couples can’t afford one, I wanted this book to appeal to them as well. I wish all couples could hire a planner so they could enjoy their engagement season to the fullest. It’s so special. The Conscientious Bride Wedding Manual is a book that will really lift the burden of wedding planning. My hope is that second job feeling will dissipate as she reads the pages and realizes she can do this. Honestly, she really can! Planning doesn’t have to equal stress lines and blemish breakouts. It should be fun! This book will help turn that frown upside down and help her feel confident planning her wedding day.


This book is pretty! I wanted the book to be pretty, easy on the eyes, and to fit in a purse perfectly. It does! It’s 8 inch x 10 inch in size and has a flow that is simple and clean. Graphic designer, Jessica Musselman of Hudson and B took my vision and executed it on point! The pages are thick and high end. The matte cover makes it all the more regal. The pictures give you full-page wedding inspiration (thanks to the incredibly talented Joslyn Duncan of Lovelle Photography!). In almost every chapter are Pro-Tips! These are my little matter-of-facts you must consider.


Did you know you can get your seating chart done in under 90 minutes? I’ve developed a system that gets it done in a jiffy. One of my clients took 15 minutes to organize her 120 guest wedding. FOR REAL! Another client of mine took 40 minutes to organize 200 guests.


I wrote this book for you, the modern bride! You are busy conquering the world and stamping your name in time. You are smart and capable. You are able to plan this wedding. My goal in writing this book is to help you as if I were your planner. Enjoy the process. The wedding will come together. You got this. You will be the most beautiful woman in the room wearing the most expensive outfit you will probably ever wear celebrating with all the folks you love. I pray you remember the beautiful moments and can bask in every second of it’s glory!


Hop over to our Instagram page to enter to win a signed copy of The Conscientious Bride Wedding Manual. Author Amy Mitchell also owns Passion Blooms, so don’t forget to use your exclusive Forever Bride discount!

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