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Tips for Flawless Skin for Your Wedding Day

Shownotes for flawless skin for your wedding day:

When to start prepping your skin for your wedding day?

As soon as you get engaged! Why? Because prevention is KEY!

What not to do right before your wedding

Do NOT get your first facial a few weeks before your wedding… You will break out!

Bride Tribe Fun

Make skincare fun, not a chore! Have regular girls night with face masks and wine throughout your wedding planning process. This will help you and your bridesmaids have the perfect skin by the time the big day comes around!

Why does flawless skin for your wedding day matter?

Flawless bare skin equals a better canvas for makeup application! Better makeup application means you’ll look more like yourself, it will last longer, and pictures will look better!

How to maintain great skin?

– Facials: Monthly or every 4-6 weeks or as suggested by an esthetician. Talk to a dermatologist for major concerns.

– Better at-home skincare routine

– Mini facials at home if you have a tighter budget

What is a good skincare routine outline?

– Washing face twice a day with facial cleanser

– Moisturizer

– Eye Cream

– Exfoliate once a week

Tune in to hear some of our guests’ FAVORITE products and ALL the tips and details that they have for you!

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