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Inspired Weddings: The Great Gatsby

Do you find your “mac” the “bees knees” and getting ready to “middle aisle”?? Become inspired for your wedding by The Great Gatsby which hits theaters Friday, May 10th. Please also enjoy some fun facts from the 1920s!

Fun Fact No. 1 – Dance Marathons were all the rage in 1923 with some popular steps like the Charleston, the Black Bottom and the Shimmy.


Fun Fact No. 2 – Popular games for young adults to play were mah-jngg, ouija boards, and crossword puzzles.


Fun Fact No. 3 – The 19th Amendment passed allowing women the right to vote.


Fun Fact No. 4 – The Miss America Contest began in Atlantic City in 1921.


Fun Fact No. 5 – Harry Houdini was the great American Escape Artist.


Fun Fact No. 6 – Men’s fashion became more conservative while women’s fashion became a HUGE fashion statement. Coined The Flapper Age women had no bosom, no waistline, hair nearly hidden under a cloche hat and very short skirts. We musn’t forget their pearls!!


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