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Styled Shoots

Behind the Scenes of ‘Winter Whites’

These photos capture a curated behind the scenes look into the making of a bridal styled shoot. Featuring the talented photographer, Diana Albrecht and two Forever Bride Association (FBA) members, L’avenir and Bella Bridal Boutique. This talented combination put their ideas and talents together to set the scene and give brides a unique perspective into what it takes to pull off a cool and edgy shoot like ‘Winter Whites.’

Diana wanted to create a styled shoot that didn’t fit into the “pretty” category.

She says, “I hadn’t seen any that I had liked because the styled shoots I had seen were just too pretty. A beautiful, smiling model in a beautiful dress, with beautiful back light: it was all just too pretty for me.”

Helping to mastermind the shoot was the jewelry dream team, Jen and Joan of L’avnier. L’avenir is a collection of one-of-a-kind statement pieces that translates the energy and craftsmanship of vintage jewelry into an accessible modern design. The duo helped to inspire and plan the blue-hued shoot.





The team was able to find the perfect location for their dark and moody shoot, a warehouse located in the St. Paul area. Worn down white brick and natural lighting helped to create a contrast that fit the image and their inspiration perfectly.




You can watch the creative process from beginning to end starting with makeup application, to dress fittings, and finishing with the final poses! Click here to see the amazing final product shoot.

photography // D.Albrecht Photography

jewelry // L’avenir

hair + makeup // Jen Des Lauriers

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