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Styled Shoots

Dark + Moody ‘Winter Whites’ in a Brick Warehouse

Talented Photographer, Diana Albrecht and Makeup Artist/Jewelry designer Jen Des Lauriers have been friends for years. Diana had an idea for an edgy, rustic styled shoot and immediately knew she wanted to get Jen involved.

“She’s quirky and fun. She also happens to be a Forever Bride vendor with her talents in makeup, hair, and jewelry design. When I thought of the idea to do a styled winter bridal shoot, I knew I had to get her involved.” Diana says.

Diana knew she wanted to do a styled shoot like she hadn’t seen before, something unique that did not fit in the usual “fairy tale” category. “I hadn’t seen any that I had liked because the styled shoots I had seen were just too pretty. A beautiful, smiling model in a beautiful dress, with beautiful back light: it was all just too pretty for me.”

Diana and Jen both liked the idea of a dark and moody shoot, the pair wanted to create something beautiful in a different sense.

The styled shoot took place in a Saint Paul warehouse. The studio was filled with rustic worn down white brick and natural lighting which set a beautiful contrast and mood for the vision Diana and Jen had. “We wanted to juxtapose the beauty with the edgy.”



Jen brought Joan, her L’avenir jewelry partner in crime, who also contributed to the style of the shoot. L’avenir is a custom designed and created jewelry company with a vintage touch; the brainchild of Jen and Joan. “Our focus is to breathe new life into pieces of the past, giving them a new story in the present and future.”





Diana also selected 3 stunning wedding gowns from fellow Forever Bride member Bella Bridal Boutique and another dress by Marchesa Couture from her own personal collection. Laura and Drea, the models for the shoot looked stunning in their gowns and created the exact look and feel Diana had invisioned. The hair and makeup was done by Jen, fitting the theme well with its “hot & messy” look. The entire shoot gives off an edgy, eerie, and mysterious vibe that has left us in awe!



Click here to take a behind the scenes look at this shoot.

photography // D.Albrecht Photography

jewelry // L’avenir

hair + makeup // Jen Des Lauriers

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