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Trend Report: A Glam Honeymoon on a Budget

For many, one of the most fun parts about wedding planning actually comes after finding the dress and picking your venue“¦the honeymoon! Whether it’s right after your big day or a few months after the dust has settled, it’s probably the first time you’re able to get away together and enjoy each other’s company as newlyweds!

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But, like most things wedding related, there’s planning and budget related stress that hangs over all talks about your honeymoon. One way to help eliminate some stress is by working with one of our amazing Honeymoon Planners who always keep your budget at the forefront of the whole planning process! But in the meantime, here are my top 4 tips to save money on your dream honeymoon!


1. Contrary to popular belief, getting a hotel downtown vs. outside the city ends up saving you money! Instead of spending money on cabs, you’re able to get outside and explore the city you’re staying in and walk a lot of places.


2. Assuming you’re going somewhere where you won’t need more than a few swimsuits, sandals, and beach hats – there’s no need to check a bag. Be honest with yourself, are you really going to blow dry, curl and straighten your hair every day? Skip some of the things you don’t really need and pack light!


3. I can’t stress this enough: eat local! You may recognize some restaurants and be tempted to settle for a meal there (hello Señor Frogs), but don’t get suckered into these chain restaurants. Another meal related tip, packing a lunch today can give you financial freedom to swim with the turtles tomorrow!


4. As fun as it would be to be whisked off on your honeymoon the day after your wedding, odds are, that day falls on the weekend. Instead, be flexible with your travel dates, flying in and out on weekdays is usually less expensive.


I’ll leave you with this, check out our list of Honeymoon Planners for some of the best in the industry. They’ll help make sure you’re not breaking the bank to get that glam honeymoon you’ve always dreaded of!

And feel free to read an experience + get inspiration from a fellow Forever Bride-r in her Offbeat Honeymoon experience.

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