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Trend Report: The Perfect Minnesota Accessory

Ashley’s Trend Report: The Perfect Minnesota Accessory

It’s December, it’s freezing outside, and everything starts to get that grey tone to it. All you Minnesotan ladies know exactly what I mean. Naturally, we start wearing more neutral colors. Lots of black, grey, and maybe some white if we’re feeling frisky. I personally love this season because accessorizing is made simple! Two words: Statement ring.

It is the perfect accessory to spice up your outfit and it won’t get eaten by your super cute blanket scarf. Plus, it is a great conversation starter! Take a look at some of our favorites:


How fun is this dog ring?! You can purchase it from Monique of Switzerland.


Designed by Ehinger Schwarz.


Love this ring from Alexis Russell Jewelry!



The Rose Ring by Fricket of Poppy Stella Rose (which you can find as this week’s giveaway on Instagram) has my heart!


The Jeweler Ryan has beautiful cluster rings. #obsessed


I’m in love with this rose gold ring from Wixon Jewelers (who also offers Forever Brides a special deal). So simple and elegant!

Find more of your dream accessories here & till next week, stay warm my friends!

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