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Beauty In Brokenness Photography

Knoxville, TN

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About This Vendor

What is up dudes!!!!

I'm so happy that you've found my little corner of Forever Bride

My name is Jessa and I'm based out East TN! 

Here's a few random facts about me so we can become bff's!!

  1. I love being goofy and laughing 24/7! I can be serious if I need to be but 99.9% of the time you're gonna find me laughing about a tik tok or dad joke lol.
  2. Mt favorite food is any and all Chinese food, YUM!! My favorite Chinese restaurant is a local family owned Chinese restaurant that my family has been eating at since I was 9!
  3. I am a feeler. ( a 4 on the enneagram if you've heard of that!) Some people are doers, some people are thinkers but this gal  is a big ole feeler. Everything that happens I tend to first feel and think later. Its one of the things that helps me love being a photographer so much, because it's all about happiness, sadness, joy, and so many other emotions!

I love meeting new friends from all over this beautiful world and getting to learn about their life and capture it! We all experience things so uniquely, from the way we see things, to the way we take moments in! My priority is showcasing YOU uniquely and to have a freaking fun time!!


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