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Lahzeh Photography

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About This Vendor

Hi lovebirds! It's Saige Fehresti here, the human behind Lahzeh Photography. A few fun facts about me:

-I say I'm 5' 2" but really, I'm 5' 1.8" (the tallest client I ever had was 6' 6" and no, I didn't have any trouble photographing him) :D
-I don't have a middle name (so where did "Lahzeh" come from, you may ask... check out my website's homepage!)
-I speak two languages fluently and I've lived in three different countries
-I like salt on my kiwi
-Huge Myers-Briggs fan -- I'm an ENTJ, what are you?
-My favorite pastime is drinking coffee and talking life with friends and new clients 


How I got here: my entire life my mother insisted I find a sport, musical instrument, hobby, volunteering, something, anything, I liked and to stick with it for the rest of my life. You name it; I’ve tried it! Since owning my first DSLR camera at the age of 12, I learned that my true passion is photography. It’s not capturing a cool shot that satisfies me, but rather it’s being able to preserve a memory for eternity. My goal is to capture a happy day, a moment, and translate it into a photograph. There's nothing more rewarding than saving that memory for you.


Lahzeh Photography Reviews

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Hayley Griffiths, said on Jun 24th, 2018
Saige is absolutely amazing!! When planning the proposal she was responsive and super easy to talk to. She made sure my fiancé felt comfortable and even came up with a clever plan to hide in plain sight so I wouldn’t suspect a thing! Having her capture those moments and getting the perfect picture exceeded our expectations. She was so fast in getting them edited and we couldn’t be happier. Both my fiancé and I cannot recommend Saige enough! -Hayley and Ben
Shawdi Ferdowsi, said on Jun 20th, 2018
Saige is a dream to work with! I have trouble getting my fiance to take pictures with me, and Saige made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera that our engagement pictures turned out amazing! We were both blown away by her fun, creative, yet professional demeanor.
Ellice Chelgren, said on Jun 20th, 2018
I couldn’t imagine anyone better to capture my engagement than Lahzeh photography! The quality of the photos are amazing and Saige is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! She makes YOU feel comfortable. Her work is excellent, and she cares for each individual client she has. If you or someone you know needs a photographer for an engagement session or wedding I would highly recommend Lahzeh Photography!
Mckenzie Olmstead, said on Jun 18th, 2018
My experience with Saige was phenomenal. It was so important to me to find a person who could capture our wedding day the way that I envisioned. She spent a day with me walking through the town I was going to get married in, and found tons of different locations and backgrounds that just blew me away. Working with her made me feel so comfortable and I was able to trust her with the whole photography process- which was huge and such a relief!! On the day of our wedding she was so helpful and organized during the chaos and kept things moving swiftly. She finished editing the photos in a very timely manner and they absolutely blew me away!! Our wedding photos are everything I had hoped for and more! I am so thankful to Saige for all of her effort and for perfectly capturing the most important day of my life!
Amy Zook, said on Jun 18th, 2018
Saige was absolutely AMAZING to work with. I can’t say enough great things about her. First off, she made everything feel SO natural. I was worried that I would feel awkward posing, but she captured our personalities in every single photo. Her energy kept us excited and laughing pretty much the whole time. Second, she took us to awesome spots. She asked where I wanted to shoot, and I told her to surprise me and man- she nailed it. I honestly couldn’t even tell you the places we went because they were so hidden, but she did such a great job with connecting our outfits to backgrounds. I fell in love with literally every single photo. Saige — THANK YOU a million times. We can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding day!!!