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High Shine Media

Minneapolis, MN

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About This Vendor

A wedding can vastly vary in size, from two people on a mountaintop, to 1,000 people at the best venue money can buy. Both are awesome. Both serve the same purpose- to join two hearts, to become one flesh. But the decision for either was based on “Who’s it for?” & “What’s it for?” This is my work, so who and what are my films for?

Are they a social media status symbol? “Oh wow, they splurged for the video, what a power move.” Are they a cute memento you can watch from time to time to get the feels, or just something that society says is expected?

No, that’s not what this work is for.

This work is for the couples so in love, so invested in each other. This work is for the family & friends that couldn’t attend the day, that couldn’t witness this sacred bond being sealed. This work is creating a living memory that two souls can recall 10 years down the road when their minds and judgement are hazy and be reminded of why they made this commitment in the first place.

That’s who and what this is for. If that’s you, I’d love to be with you on your wedding day.


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